The Pope’s Urbi et Orbi from St. Peter’s

Benedict XVI, in the traditional Urbi et Orbi message, today invoked for “peace and stability” for the Holy Land, through the “resumption of dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians,” the cessation of “violence in Syria”

Pope Benedict XVI


ROME- In his Christmas message ‘Urbi et Orbi’, Benedict XVI has invoked  for “peace and stability” for the Holy Land, through the “resumption of dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians,” and the ending of “violence inSyria.” Asked reconciliation and stability inIraq, Afghanistan, North African and Middle Eastern countries.”The Lord succor the wounded humanity from the many conflicts which still bloodshed the planet,” said Benedict XVI from the central balcony of St Peter, in a message focused on the significance of the coming of Jesus on earth “to save us especially from evil deep, rooted in man and in history, “pointing” the way of reconciliation, dialogue and cooperation. “The Lord,  “who is the Prince of Peace,” he continued, “give peace and stability to the Earth that he choose to come into the world, encouraging the resumption of dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians.”

May the Lord make stop the violence in Syria, where much blood has been shed – continued the Pope -. “that He favors full reconciliation and stability in Iraq and Afghanistan”. “With reference to the countries affected by the riots of the “Arab Spring,” the Pope added, “give a renewed force in building the common good to all parts of society in the North African and Middle Eastern countries.”
The pope then turned his thoughts to the conflicts around the world and to crisis situations, from the Great Lakes region of Africa to southern Sudan, saying “the prospects for dialogue and cooperation in Myanmarin the search for shared solutions.”
A special thought to thePhilippines andThailand devastated by the floods, and the Horn of Africa affected by famine and hunger, and the pope has specified conditions “exacerbated by a persistent state of insecurity. The international community does miss his help to the many refugees from that region, severely affected in their dignity. ”

“Italy, the future more fraternal.” Benedict XVI said he hopedItalya future “more fraternal and united”, “Merry Christmas to the Romans and the Italians!” Said the Pope after the message. “The birth of Christ the Saviour and the joyful reception of his Gospel of salvation renew the hearts of believers, bring peace in our families, consolation to the suffering and help the inhabitants of the whole country to grow in mutual trust to build together a future of hope, more fraternal and united.

Then he concluded, “Dear brothers and sisters let us turn our gaze at the cave of Bethlehem.
The child that we contemplate is our salvation. He has brought the world a universal message of reconciliation and peace.”

Good wishes in 65 languages​​. After the message, in a sunny St. Peter’s Square packed with thousands of faithful, Benedict XVI delivered his Christmas greetings to the peoples and nations of the world in 65 languages​​. Among these, including Mongolian, Romany (Roma ethnicity), Aramaic, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam (India), Bengali, Urdu (Pakistan), the Maori, Samoan, the Guarani, and finally Esperanto and Latin.

Today in St. Peter’s at 12 Pope Benedict XVI will recite the Angelus.


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