“Sea Life” a new aquarium will open in June in Rome

Sea Life Aquarium

It will host 5 thousand units belonging to 100 marine species. With 14 thousand square meters of water will be the largest in Italy.  30 large pools, 1 million litres of water. In the forecasts it will host 1 million visitors and will create over 200 new jobs, for a outlay of 80 million Euros. These are just some of the numbers of “Sea Life” Aquarium of Rome, which will open next June, the area below the Eur pond. The aquarium aims to be the largest inItalyand among the first spaces inEuropefor innovation and variety of aquatic animals.

The structure will be divided into two areas: the Sea Life, a 360° oceanic tunnel under the lake at Eur in which move more than 5 thousand specimens, from starfish to seahorses, from jellyfish to breed up to get to the sharks.

But the attraction will be the most important pools in which fish swim sophisticated robots. In fact, to welcome the Expo will not be fearful or shy killer crabs, but futuristic beings. The fish and jellyfish robot, developed by the Campus Bio-Medico of Rome, will serve to biologists and researchers to study and develop the habits of the fauna in the basins and also to test new robotic systems that will use the mechanisms developed in millions of years by nature, can be applied to new devices such as prostheses or artificial limbs that can help the man.

Covered with artificial leather latex very similar to the original organic, fish robots have sensors that allow it to move independently, reproducing the typical movements of the species to which they refer. The robots can be guided by the public through special touch-screen, located on the pools, which will also serve to illustrate and explain the habits and characteristics of marine species and develop scientific research projects for the marine protection, conservation and education.

Furthermore there will be an innovative and technological 400 seats auditorium for the projection of 3D stereoscopic movies.

Sea Life Rome

The structure will be able to host one million visitors every year and will also include conference areas, museums, shops and restaurant and a parking with 700 parking places.
The Mayor of Rome Gianni Alemanno during the conference for the presentation of Aquarium of Rome said that “Rome in 2011 broke all records in tourist arrivals and this aquarium should enable a further leap in level: our goal is to override Paris and London for arrivals and presences, and projects like this are crucial to remember that tourism in Rome is not only linked to the past but is also projected into the future. ”


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