Valentine’s Day 2012 “fall in love with art”

Valentine’s Day 2012 fall in love with art: a ticket for two to all state museums

This year the Ministry of Heritage and Culture offers a great opportunity everyone in love through the initiative “On Valentine’s Day, fall in love with art.” For the most romantic holiday of the year, February 14,2012, in all the museums, monuments and archaeological sites a couple will be pay  for one ticket. A day of culture, love, and all those great artists who have created their famous works inspired by love.

Valentine’s Day, February 14 inRomethere is the “Lock Date”

Single on Valentine’s Day and the risk of becoming depressed at home watching TV? Absolutely not. The free spirits of 2012 can take advantage of Valentine’s Day to celebrate the pride of their condition. Throughout Italy, in fact, Speed Date, a company specialized in organizing parties for singles, organizes games and evenings to allow the “burst” to have fun and make friends.

The major markets will beRome,Milan,Florence andTurin, where on February14, in cool and elegant locations, will be offered the Lock Date, a variant of the classic Speed ​​Date. Women will be given a lock, the  combination to men, the aim of the game will find the right key to open the door to a new friendship. For every lock opened will be raffled  fantastic prizes and holiday vouchers. 

Date Lock inRomewill take place at Futurarte Rome, Viale della Cultura di Lavoro, 50/52, Tuesday, February 14 at 20:45.