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An unforgettable experience to discover the Frascati wine and its history!


Wineyard and vinery Frascati wine

Enjoy an authentic experience at one of the finest vineyard and winery in the Roman Hills area!

This tour offers wine&food tasting and provides a great way to take you in the iconic Roman landscape while overlooking 10 acres of beautiful vineyard, full of luscious grapes beyond, where you can admire the Rome skyline. Taste the local flavour, where our mission is to present you with high quality wines that embody romance, history, and great taste in every glass.


Roman Cistern with barriques

Roman Cistern with barriques

The winery stands on the ruins of a medieval castle, from which it takes its name, which in turn was built on Roman ruins. Even today, the winery can boast the presence of the precious “Roman Cistern”, in which lie the barrels with the important red wines.In this magical environment, you can enjoy a glass of good wine and appreciate a tasty brunch. The territory of the town of Grottaferrata, together with those of Monte Porzio Catone and Frascati, Frascati DOC wines are produced. A countryside of the ancient, pre-Roman city of Tusculum. All Roman legends, literature and popular traditions concerning wine begin and end with Frascati, which is surely one the best known, most celebrated and mythologized wine in the world.

Castel Gandolfo and The Papal Palace

Papal Palace Castel Gandolfo

Papal Palace

At the end of the tasting before returning to town participants will be taken for a sightseeing tour in Marino and in the charming little town of Castel Gandolfo where is the summer residence of the Popes, outstanding the view of a stunning lake.
Castel Gandolfo view

Castel Gandolfo

Guided tour of the winery includes:

 – Welcome at the winery

– Car or van transportation

– Visit of the vineyard

– Illustration of the winemaking process

– Visit the winery and the ancient “Roman Cistern” in which house the Barriques (barrels)

– Three different wines and typical local food tasting

– Sightseeing tour at Marino and Castel Gandolfo

– English speaking guide

This tour is available according to the following schedule:

 09.30 Pick up at your hotel

11.00 Arrival at the winery, visit the vineyard and the cellar

12.00 Wine and food tasting

13.30 Departure from the winery for a sightseeing tour

15.30 Drop off at your hotel

Price range from Euro 60.00 to Euro 75.00 per person depending on the number of participants

The price includes:

– Car or van transportation

– Three different wines and typical food tasting

– Sightseeing tour at Marino and Castel Gandolfo

– English speaking guide during the all tour

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