Cooking Classes in Rome

Rome is famous for its history,  its ancient monuments, the artistic masterpieces on it but is also appreciated for its cuisine, with its flavors very strong and determined but also unforgettable.
In Rome there is a cultural tradition handed down through generations.  A historical memory based on recipes, memories and flavors. Simple dishes made with common ingredients next to rich dishes; of this and much more make up the Roman cuisine.

Take advantage of your vacation in Rome to spend 4 hours learning how to cook the best dishes of traditional Italian cuisine. Homemade pasta, stuffed ravioli, a good main course and dessert.
At the end of the lesson you can enjoy the delicacies that you are prepared under the guidance of our chefs, English/Italian speaking, you can dine with what you’ve cooked it yourself, with all genuine products of our generous land, accompanied by great Italian wine.

The excellent location of the restaurant where cooking classes are held, just off Piazza Venezia in the center of Rome, makes it very easy for you to reach the site by foot or by public transportation, no matter where in the city  you are staying.

Homemade ravioli

Homemade ravioli

The course durationis 4 hours and involves the active participation of the guests in the preparation of dishes, each participant will have a work table on which can find all the ingredients and tools necessary to complete the preparation of the dish.

Fettuccine al ragù

Fettuccine al ragù

The starts at 15.00 and ends at 19.00 when everything is ready for dinner, which  will include an Italian antipasto, a first course, a main dish , a side dish, a dessert,  all prepared by you,  water and house wine. At the end of the evening, as a souvenir, participants will receive a nice certificate of participation.

The total cost for the 4 hours course + dinner is Euro 65.00 per person.

On request we can arrange transfer to / from airports, railway stations, hotels, etc.



In order for  the chef to follow carefully each of you during the lesson, the maximum number of participants accepted is 8 people per class, therefore if you want to be sure to find the desired date available,  please book your cooking class as soon as possible at. For information or booking please write at:


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